justmysxlf: "Happy birthday hun, love you're account xxx"

thaaaanks xx

iittsbrii: "A little late but happy birthday!!"

thank yooou btw it’s still my birthday xx

dimpleface-harry: "Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a great day. ☆☆"

thank yoooou xx


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pleaseeee please

please follow me on my active blog

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Anonymous: "hiya honest opinion on five seconds of summer please??"

they are sweet

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Interviewer: So, you are the main songwriter of the group then?

Niall: Louis and Liam did a lot of the writing on this one. 

what are you talking about —louis tomlinson 99% of the time harry styles speaks (via nowkissmeyoufool)

been a while since we’ve had one of them

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